Rector's message to support the academic community
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Rector's message to support the academic community

​​Rector's message to support the academic community​​

March 26, 2020​

Dear colleagues, Teachers
Dear colleagues, Students from Romania and abroad,
Dear colleagues, Administrative Staff,

I have chosen to talk to you this way in order to overcome, as much as possible, the physical distancing imposed by the severe situation we are all facing.

Our world, as perceived by each of us, has abruptly changed and the immediate future becomes unpredictable. We are asked to fight, to be alert, to change completely the way we teach and learn, the way we work, the way we behave, the way we live our daily lives. We need to fight CONTAGION.

We do just that, individually, according to our strength and abilities: we avoid physical contact, we disinfect, we protect ourselves and the ones around us, we help those in need, we work in the hospitals and in the University, we learn to use new methods of interaction so that we and all the others prevail over this time of hardship. Meanwhile we ask ourselves if we are doing enough, if we are doing the right thing, if we are ready for what is to come and finally if, and when, everything will be all right.

My dear colleagues, I am, maybe more than ever, proud we are together, within our University. I am proud and I trust that together we can, nevertheless, CONTAMINATE each other.

Let us contaminate each other with everything that is good within us.
Let us contaminate each other with the attention and dedication to training our students.
Let us contaminate each other with the commitment to learn and train to become doctors, pharmacists, bioengineers and health professionals.
Let us contaminate each other with the enthusiasm and perseverance to do our work to keep the University going.


Dear colleagues, Teachers,

We will have to adapt to the novel requirements of remote interaction in all aspects of our professional life for the weeks to come. We have recently started teaching lectures and practical works online fully respecting the normal schedule of teaching activity for this semester, for all the study programs offered by the University. I really appreciate the team that worked against the clock to make Microsoft Teams solution available to the 11,000 members of our academic community in such a short time. We are probably the first University in Romania to do this fully functional. We chose to hurry the transfer to our activity online for two reasons: on one hand, to ensure the continuity of our students' training while lacking face-to-face interaction; on the other hand - to ensure the continuity of all the teachers' activity while working from home.

I realize, together with you all, there were already operating inconveniences with the online platform. I am aware that others will emerge along the way, however I assure you that we work together with the Communications Center team to fix them and improve the functionality of all online interactions.

Beyond the technical solution, it is a challenge for us all to adapt our teaching to the online environment. We were not prepared for this virtual transfer, as neither our students had the opportunity to do so. We will have to use our own creativity to overcome the fright of the first moment, so that we are able, as soon as possible, to share the best experiences and methods, which then become applicable to the whole community.

Dear colleagues, Students from Romania and abroad,

The online environment, as you know it, will gain new meanings for you. Online is no longer a predominant environment for entertainment but becomes an environment for learning, professional interaction, evaluation, and documentation. Because during the following weeks the classical communication will be very limited, to benefit as much as possible from the technical solution already implemented, it is essential for you to be connected to the official online communication channels of the University. As I have already advised your fellow teachers, please use your creativity to constantly improve the way the online teaching activity unfolds. More than ever, you need to transform yourself from simple public into actors and collaborators of the teaching/learning act.

My goal and my colleagues' goal are to use all the means to ensure that your professional training suffers the least because of the crisis we are going through. That is why we need to be partners in all these endeavors.

Dear colleagues, Administrative Staff,

Some of you will have to continue your work from the University. You are the ones moving things and arranging all details so that students and teachers can fulfill their mission. You ensure our University's ability to resume normal activity when the situation allows. For those of you who will have to work from home – your work will be dedicated to supporting the new online education environment. I count on your professionalism and your ability to adapt in order to carry out your current activity from home but also to be able to immediately intervene with solutions, any time needed.

Our priority remains always the health, safety and well-being of each member of our University community.

Dear Colleagues,
Our world is changing. Let us seek within us the strength and wisdom to embellish this world with beauty.
Let's CONTAMINATE ourselves with the confidence that we will prevail.