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Rector Message - educational platform

​​Rector Message - educational platform​

​Dear members of the academic community of UMF Iasi,

During the past week of student holidays, we have worked with the technical team of the Communication Center of  our University  to prepare the virtual platform on which we will carry out our academic activity starting Monday, Ma-rch 23rd. We have kept you up to date with our efforts through the messages we have sent you and in the last two Days,we have conducted trainings and simulations with your participation, in very large numbers. Thank you very much  for your dedication and involvement!​​

Starting Monday, March 23, we expect everyone, both teachers and students, to work online, through the Microsoft Teams interactive educational platform, enabling students to continue their training and to avoid serious disruption of the university calendar. It will not be easy, step out from our comfort zone is unpleasant, but the situation requires it. To assist you during the transition period towards the online area, we have created for next week a Call Center which will be answered by our colleagues from the Communications Center: you can call daily, from 8 am to 4 pm, at the mobile phone number: 0755 101 336 or using the landline telephone number 0232/301 841 or 0232/301 680. In the long term, you also have the help desk of the Communications Center - chat within Microsoft Teams: [email protected]

During this difficult times, online is safer!

Please understand that the situation we are facing, this public health emergency, is changing rapidly, requiring us to constantly evaluate and adapt. For this reason, please stay in touch by e-mail, see the website and the official Facebook page of the University for the latest news. We need to proove that even in this situation, which we have not encountered before, we can act with enthusiasm and in a rational manner to continue our teaching activity. It is a task for each of us, without exception.

I have faith that we have the strength and wisdom to succeed together!​

Sincerely yours,
Professor Viorel SCRIPCARIU