Rector message - Psychological support group
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Rector message - Psychological support group

​​Rector message - Psychological support group​

Dear colleagues, professors and students,

It has already been 10 days since we are conducting our academic activity online via the educational interactive platform Microsoft Teams. This step wasn't easy, but we proved solidarity within the collective effort to cross the borders of an unknown territory, a test the entire community of our University has passed successfully! Thank you all!

The keyword of these times is together. We all understand it is the moment to reinvent ourselves, to overcome the obstacles with great courage and to not get overwhelmed by dark thoughts. Don't get influenced by the exaggerations in media and stay positive. Whenever you feel the need to seek support, an answer to some of your questions and when you are afraid or worried of the evolution of the current situation, the best solution is to talk to a specialist who could help you get through this time more easily. Due to this reason, we created a Psychological support group for the community of UMF lasi​, a virtual platform where you can schedule an appointment without difficulty and you can discuss about the problems you are confronted by. Regarding this approach, I assure you about the confidentiality and anonymity of your data.

Another announcement I want to make is that, in the shortest time possible, our University will start the testing concerning the detection of the new coronavirus, in the laboratory of molecular biology specially designed by the Center of Research and Experimental Medicine CEMEX, provided with two Real-Time PCR machines. We purchased an automatic extractor of viral nucleic acids through which we will ensure the accuracy of the detection, as well as the efficiency of the processing and thus we launched an auction procedure for the purchase of 20.000  Real-Time PCR tests and DNA/RNA extraction kits. The total estimated sum for these acquisitions, as well as for the necessary consumables and protection equipment is over 1.000.000 Lei. Due to the incredibly high request on the international market and to the laborious authorization endeavor, this process will take more than three weeks. This period of time gave us the respite to organize the functionality of the laboratory up to the BSL3 standard, which assures both the optimal protection for the personnel involved and the quality of our diagnostics. As you know, the high precision mass testing (Real-Time PCR) is the most indicated measure for limiting the spread of the SARS CoV-2 infection. The protocol with the Infectious Diseases Hospital is already signed and we hope that, in a few days, our research team will begin the testing.

I know you are waiting for an answer, but it is impossible to predict the academical calendar for the following months yet, nor how long the uncertainty will last. The Ministry of Education is working on multiple scenarios and we are sure that none of these scenarios include freezing the academical year.

Concerning the didactic contests programmed for this spring, we are making all the efforts for them to carry out according to the schedule, provided they can be performed online. As I was telling you at the beginning of the message, the keyword of these times is together. We have to act together, as a whole, to succeed.

Thank you and I wish you good luck in everything you do!

Sincerely yours,
Professor Viorel SCRIPCARIU